At Tartooful, we are passionate about  Trollbeads.

Founded in 1976, this family owned, Danish jewellery firm conceived an original, modern twist on the traditional charm bracelet.  One begins with a simple, beautifully crafted sterling silver bracelet... Then, over time, one adds individually chosen beads of silver, murano glass or semiprecious stones, to create a highly personal, unique and dramatic piece.  Each bead tells a story, recalling for the wearer special times, places and people...

Pay us a visit in the Village to share your story with us, and we'd be delighted to help you design something extraordinary.

Tartooful is honoured to be a Platinum Level Authorized Retailer of Trollbeads.

tartooful, 1. n. an object that is both beautiful and functional.   well designed; of lasting value.  2. v. to beautify through simplicity.  declutter; find the essence of beauty;  surround oneself only with works of art.  3. adj. stylish and whimsical. beautiful with a wink.

Tartooful is honoured to be a Platinum Level Retailer of Trollbeads in Canada.